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Badna Nhaseb a group of activists and forces , decided to use their rights through demonstrating , where people from different regions in Lebanon participated since day one till today ! believing that they will make a difference trash crisis was the beginning of the story where people in Lebanon reached the point of frustration and decided to make the street united under the name of we want results not solutions ! and since we are talking about results ! We are in the street to demand the palm of the hand of all the corrupt judiciary can play its natural role and the protector of the rights of citizens We are in the street to raise the tutelage of warlords and factions of the Lebanese University We are in the street for modern formal education , based on citizenship education. We are in the street because after two decades and more after the end of the Lebanese civil war , and after the exchange of tens of billions of dollars , not even after the looting of tens of billions , are still without electricity and without water and without infrastructure , and we still die in front of hospital doors Thus, we call in the next stage to achieve the following objectives: to cancel the privatization of the waste sector and stop the tender about him and bring him back to the municipalities and the liberation of their money from the Independent Municipal Fund . Punish the shooters of the security forces, who gave them so it declined to stop and shoot what they can do so. Dropping legal proceedings against the protesters and the absolute recognition of the right to demonstrate and protest and various forms of expression We aree protesting today, for a modern law for the parliamentary elections , on a relative basis , outside of the confessional registry , relying Lebanon a single electoral constituency . This law is the entrance to any change can happen . We declare this ruling political disobedient to the will of the people , the conspiracy interests of its people.